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Movie Theater Screen Cinema Advertising Rajkot

A movie theater may be the only place where it's considered rude to talk over commercials. Businesses have tried to take advantage of movie theater audiences for as long as the industry as been around. However for as many advantages as cinema advertising can bring to a business or organization, there are also drawbacks.

However for as many advantages as cinema advertising can bring to a business or organization, there are also drawbacks. Higher Production Potential. Captive Audience. Passive Resistance. Industry Competitiveness & Lack of Synergy.

Higher Production Potential

The expansive screen and large audio systems of cinemas can be tremendous production assets when creating your cinema-based advertisement. Given their longer time frame, cinema advertisements can also take a more narrative approach and allow creators to take plot risks that conventional television spots don't allow. If done properly, the result can potentially be a visually appealing ad that audiences will remember long after the film is over.

Captive Audience

Cinema advertising also allows businesses and organizations to directly marketing to their target audiences. While television demographics can be flighty and often difficult to pin down with precision, movie audiences are generally easy to determine. Another advantage is that unlike home viewers or those surfing the Internet, cinema-goers can't change the channel or opt out of viewing. Advertisers who take advantage of a captive audience of this magnitude have tremendous opportunity to send home a forceful message about a product or service.

Passive Resistance

According to a study by the academic marketing journal Marketing Bulletin, the timing and length of featured advertisements that are shown prior to films is predictable by audiences and easily avoidable. Their research indicates a significant number of audience members stay outside the theater for the duration of ads, including those purchasing refreshments or arriving late. This preemptive evasion of advertisements has the potential to lump cinema advertising in with the multitude of ads seen and heard every day bay consumers, thereby minimizing its effect.

Industry Competitiveness & Lack of Synergy

According to the National Business Review, elevated competition amongst theaters creates a substantial lack of cooperation from theater to theater. This can make it difficult for both businesses and advertising firms to get the same ad to show at a variety of regional theaters at once, thereby detracting from one of cinema advertising's major draws - precise demographic targeting. There is always the possibility that a particular film an advertiser wants to showcase with is playing a theater that does business with one of their client's competitors.

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